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Jeff’s “Hot or Not” Rules

These rules are quick and dirty simple checks one can make when you’re kinky, drunk, or both and not quite sure if you want to hit it: Loser-sign rule, make-up danger, true beauty, cute or hot?, Stone’s advice, and age image.

Loser-sign rule
When the girl is some distance away and facing you, make a loser sign with your index finger and thumb. Move your had so that the girl’s face is exactly in the hole between the index finger and thumb while your hand covers the girl’s hair. This helps you visualize what she will look like bald. If she looks like a witch, a man, or just plain ugly then, uh duh, she’s ugly.

Make-up danger
True beauty does not need make-up. Actually, truly beautiful ladies would look uglier with make-up. If a girl is ugly, using make-up is just lying and being deceptive. Be careful guys, do not wake up one morning and turn to your wife and puke.

True Beauty
True beauty, in the eye of the beholder, is when every moment that you see the girl she gets even more beautiful. She never looks like the same exact girl, but from every different angle she is the prettiest girl you have ever seen. So, its like watching an infinite number of godesses at the same instant.

Cute or Hot?
If a girl is all cute, then I feel perverted because its like I’m hittin it with a child. NASTY!!! If a girl is 100% hot, then I feel low because its like I’m with a prostitute or slut. KINKY BUT NOT REFINED!!! What I look for is an unique blend of cuteness and hotness so you’re with a mature babe who also can be fun and playful.

Stone’s advice
i”When you go to a strip club and it does absolutely nothing for you, you feel like you’re wasting your time, and you just want to go home to your girlfriend/fiance, then you know you’re ready to get married.”
~Prof. Greg Stone, DBHS Economy/AP Econ teacher

Age image
This is just a wierd thing that popped into my thoughts…its kinda absurd in a way. Throughout my life, I have seen enough women of all ages that when I see a young woman I can imagine what she will look like when she is an old lady. If the girl looks ok now but I think she’ll be ugly later on in life, its a turn off for me. As mentioned before, I wouldn’t want to wake up 30 years later, wake up, turn to my wife, and get scared to death.

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