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Julia Marie Bachison – The Perfect Girl? *Edit*

UPDATE: Julia now has her own website. Read about it here.

Thanks Mrs. Bachison (Miss Utah‘s Mom) for visiting this site!

If the position is still open, I�m self-proclaiming to be Miss Bachison‘s #1 fan. Apparently, not everyone shares my view. Otherwise, Miss Bachison would be Miss America 2006�and every guy in America would be fighting for her attention. When I first saw her on the Miss America show on CMT, I just thought she was the most beautiful girl I�d ever seen (see previous post).


I was inspired to find out more about Miss Utah. Sure, there are a lot of girls out there (about 50% of the population?), and some of them are beautiful. However, having read the stories and news articles about Miss Bachison, her amazing character is what sets her apart from all the other beautiful girls and what makes her, at least in my opinion, the perfect girl. Here’s why�

(the following quotes are taken from There she goes, and Newest Miss Utah from N. Ogden and Profile- Miss Utah on a mission.)

As a Mudder, I know what hard work, determination, and commitment is. I’ve often complained on this site of people at other colleges who pay thousands of dollars each year just party, drink, frat or sorority gatherings. I don�t know if
Miss Bachison does this or not, but I admire her unrelenting spirit to go for what she wants. This is not to condone manipulative behavior or stabbing people in the back as often happens in the corporate world. Rather, I am admiring, as Miss Bachison puts it, “having altruistic ambitions.”


Bachison won other local contests and competed three times for the Miss Utah title, winning last June.�


Currently she visits Gold�s Gym up to three times daily, coach and sponsor Patrick Poce said during the ceremony. �

So many people our age have no idea what they want to do with their lives. As I’ve said in a previous post, I think one of those reasons is they don’t know who they are so they don�t know what would make them happy and make their lives worth living. The most successful people in any field started early and stayed true to their course. That’s another thing I admire about
Miss Bachison and her ambitions of becoming a political broadcast journalist.

As with the previous point, this is probably true for most if not all Miss America contestants since they all have a platform to promote. Most people of this age only care about themselves and having their fun, but these women actively participate in alleviating social problems. What caught my attention for
Miss Bachison‘s platform is the focus on children. As you can see in the picture above, she seems to have a way with the kids and that�s a gift most people do not develop until they have kids of their or never develop. Also, her idea of using rubber wristbands to remind the kids of the importance of fitness and health is wonderful. This one has my mind going a little for possible future projects of my own�

It�s great to see people my age have a variety of interests that really define who they are. For many college students or recent graduates, they�ve only begun to see what the world has to offer or do not know how to be a part of the complexities of the real world. From artistic and athletic hobbies to a prospective intellectual career to social interests, this girl definitely looks like she�s set herself up for a happy and fulfilling life ahead. There are all types of people out there so having broad interests really helps one to get along with various groups of people.

She strikes me as having a good balance of intelligence and composure but also the simplicity and graciousness of a small town girl. No signs of the cold agressive nature of New Yorkers and definitely no signs of the backward and coarse demeanor of country girls. For me, class is not Hollywood but a humble person who can dress up and be glamourous for occasions. This girl definitely has that quality.

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