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DivX, Inc. and Video Compression

I’ve been waiting for DivX, Inc. (DIVX) come public ever since I heard about their plan for an IPO (Initial Public Offering, when you are first able to buy a company’s stock publically in the stock market). DivX has the best quality and dependability for digital videos in my opinion and should do well going forward as more and more movies and video are in the digital format and are available online. DivX‘s bread and butter are its line of compression/decompression software. Compression software compresses digital media, thereby making it smaller and easier to store on your computer or send over the internet. When you compress the media, it’s like you’re crumpling a piece of paper and you can’t read the words on the page. Decompressing the digital media brings it back to full size so that you can view the media.

I’ll have to look into just how legally secure their proprietary software is and how likely they might get bamboozled out of getting their licensing fee from sites like YouTube. If these things check out and I open a tech slot, I would love to get into DivX early. I’ve watched them develop their software quality so much over the years and now DivX is incorporated into DVD players so DVD players can play a variety of digital media.

About DivX, Inc. (DIVX)
DivX, Inc. creates products and services designed for media applications. It offers a video compression-decompression software library, or codec, which is a set of software libraries that plugs into video software applications and allows users to create and play DivX videos through its Web site, DivX.com. The company also provides DivX Player, a software application that plays video content created using various versions of the DivX video technology, as well as allows users to process video downloads, manage video collections, and activate DivX certified devices; DivX Web Player, a software plug-in that interfaces with Web browsers and allows DivX video to be embedded and played within Web pages; and DivX Pro video codec, which offers additional encoding tools. In addition, it offers DivX Converter, which automatically converts files in other media formats to its DivX media format; DivX video codec for Mac OS, which allows users to create and play DivX videos using various applications designed to use the QuickTime multimedia architecture; DivX Play Bundle, which includes DivX video codec, DivX Player, and DivX Web Player; and software development kits that allow software vendors to build DivX playback and creation support into their products. Further, the company licenses its technologies to consumer hardware device manufacturers and certifies their products to ensure the interoperable support of DivX-encoded content. It markets its technologies to a range of semiconductor manufacturers, ODMs, OEMs, and software developers worldwide. The company was co-founded by R. Jordan Greenhall and Darrius Thompson. DivX, Inc. was incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. The company acquired Corporate Green, a general partnership that developed an online community platform in March 2006.

DivX Company Blog

**Disclaimer: I do not own shares of DivX as of this writing**

One Response to “DivX, Inc. and Video Compression

  • 1
    Divx Converter
    January 15th, 2008 11:48

    Hi Guru, what made you want to write on DivX, Inc. and Video Compression? I was wondering, because I have been thinking about this since last Tuesday.

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