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My Mitt Romney Ad Campaign Contest Submission

I know, this is a stock blog, not to be mixed with politics. You’ll have to excuse this one as film and video editing is a new (passionate) hobby of mine and this is a very public way to get started. More importantly, I feel (as indicated by the Dollar dropping like a falling knife) that America is in the crapper and will quickly throw our decades of global leadership away if we have a lousy President. Mitt Romney is a fellow Wall Street, deal-making, problem-solving legend who knows how the global economy works. Unlike many of our leaders right now, he actually has plans and thoughts for himself. I believe we need Mitt Romney to make strategic deals with the global community that’s strangling our throats right now, the same reason we had to snatch Hank Paulson from Goldman (GS) to run Treasury. I don’t want someone (politicians) who only knows how to work in Washington…because places like Beijing, London, Tehran, Berlin, and Baghdad now dwarf Washington’s influence and importance. If you don’t think that’s so…you must get out (of our country) more and see where the times are at. If you don’t feel the same way about Mitt Romney, at least show some love for ME! and vote for the video if you can. Competition ends September 17th so vote now! If mine wins we’ll get to see it on national TV…now how Xciting is that? Xtra Xciting!

Title: Workingman (57 sec)

To vote, go to this address: http://www.jumpcut.com/view?id=85052FC45C4C11DC8538000423CF0184

What do I believe strongly in? That we need a smart, effective, decision maker as president. Our country has so many problems, if any of the other politician jokers take office we’ll be doomed. By 2009 we’ll be just a shadow of a great country like Britain is today. If you don’t know Mitt Romney, he is a very smart man. Got both his Law and MBA degree from Harvard in just 4 years time, started private equity firm Bain Capital that focused on helping start companies and turning around troubled companies. He turned around the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and turned around Massachusetts as Governor, getting universal healthcare for everyone. This guy is a problem solver, and I’m not sure the other politicians are. They’re just talkers, negotiators at best. Romney knows how to use people, consultants, to get results. And we all know this is how things get done. This is my view, but please go to MittRomney.com to get to know him if you get a chance.

**Disclosure: Author owns shares of Goldman Sachs (GS)**

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