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JuliaBachison.com Debut! – New Project by Julia Bachison and Jeffrey Lin

JuliaBachison.com preview thumbnail

Last month, Julia and I began working on a website for her: JuliaBachison.com. Among other things, you’ll find a portfolio of things Julia’s done, from pictures of her Miss Utah tour to TV she’s doing right now. You’ll also find updates on her various projects as well as get to know her on her blog. JuliaBachison.com. Please go, get to know Julia, and leave some comments to show some love! This is also my first big website project (that I completed!) so we’ll definitely look forward to your comments on improvements and stuff we can add. I hope you’ll bookmark Julia’s site and show as much interest for her site as you have for mine.

**I know this is another off-topic post, but this is an important post for me, Jeffrey…and I hope (at least some of you) would like to know more about me than just the stocks I write about. If you only care about my stock thoughts, then you should know working on JuliaBachison.com is why I haven’t been writing much here! And yes, Julia is a big part of the motivation and inspiration for my successful trading and analysis this year, so there’s nothing for you to complain about!**

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