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Cutest Video Ever!

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Chesapeake Launches Shale.tv for Programming on the Barnett Shale and Other Shales

Thanks to today’s CNBC Fast Money show for pointing this out (at least to me). As if shows like Extreme Engineering’s Sahkalin Oil & Gas Complex on the Discovery Channel or the site GoHaynesvilleShale wasn’t enough, we get to go deep into the shale action along with Aubrey McClendon! Is it really possible for me to become a oil wildcatter roughneck just sitting at home watching Shale.tv? I hope so! Here’s Shale.tv’s self-introduction:

Shale.tv is a unique, online video channel designed to provide a platform for in-depth information, discussion and analyses about the Barnett Shale and other shale natural gas plays in the US. Through a combination of live talk/interview shows and interactive and archived content, we hope to provide thorough, accurate and independent information about the complex issues and opportunities of developing natural gas domestically. We seek participation from all the stakeholders in these shale plays.

For now, I’m still using the following SuckingLess.com research sites for my natural gas holdings:

**Disclosure: I own shares of CHK as of this post**

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