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Utah Medical Trip Update – 9.8.08

Jeffrey Lin’s 3rd trip to the University of Utah Medical Center

TRANSCRIPT (for the hearing impaired):
Hey everyone, this is Jeffrey Lin coming to you on location from the University of Utah guest house.  How about that view of Salt Lake City in the background huh?!?  Can’t help but feel good with scenery like that!

Today’s Wednesday September 9th, 2008.  I’ve been here for 2 days- flew into Salt Lake Monday morning.  This video is just to update everyone who loves me about this 3rd trip to the University of Utah medical center. For all my trader friends and blogging friends who don’t know me as well, this is my 3rd trip here to the Medical Center here at the University, seeing two of the most amazing doctors that’s ever treated me- Dr. Gleich and his wife Dr. Leiferman.  Just the most loving, caring, understanding people you’ll ever meet.

I’ll do a prequel video of some sort to fill you guys in on what brought me here…but the short of it is I’ve had asthma as well as severe skin and food allergies of all kind (point out face)- this is already a million times better than just 3 months ago when i first visited.  I probably look like I was just severely burned at the time- I’d post up pictures but it’s probably rated R.

So. this visit.  Nothing significantly new, we started talking about getting me on a diet I’m not allergic to and try to pump me up from 125lb to 150lb.  Other than that,  This was just sort of a continuation of my visit exactly one month ago.  During that visit, the logical step was to get me on some immunosuppressants, in other words, turn the volume down on my immune system, so I wouldn’t react to just about everything so dramatically.  But my skin was in such terrible shape the first time I saw the doctors that they wanted to check my T-cells to make sure they haven’t mutated.  Quick biology reminder: T-Cells are the type of white blood cells that protects our bodies by attacking foreign objects.

Dr. Gleich and Dr. Leiferman had wanted to do some skin biopsies at the time to check my T-cells, but I hadn’t planned enough time for that.  So we did that yesterday (show biopsies).  Got 2 for consistency I guess.  I had the good fortune of having Dr. Leiferman do the biopsies herself and stitch me up.  Very skilled hands I must say- I’d definitely ask her to sew or mend my clothes next time.

Also, last time we found out my IgE protein levels were ridiculously high- I had a reading of 18,000! Let me put that in perspective.  A person with severe allergies usually only gets a reading of 180.  Another quick Biology recap: IgE’s are proteins that help alert your immune system to something you’re allergic to. So me having a IgE level of 18,000 is like having a ginormous triggerhappy army ready to unleash hell on the smallest thing.  It’s like throwing a ball at the wall and have it shoot back at ya 100 times faster.  Thats how I react to…just about everything… But we knew that already. The highest IgE levels studied in medical journals was about 7,000- so we’re definitely in uncharted territory here.

So, i also had more blood tests done yesterday to check those IgE readings as well as my other white blood cell readings just for consistency from last time, hoping at least some of the readings won’t be so astronomic!  Also, tried to get specific readings on how allergic I am to the few foods I eat everyday. My diet is already very very very limited (I don’t know how my mom can make a thousand different dishes out of the 8 or 9 things I can have…but that’s why she’s my mom!)  But we wanted to see of those few things I do eat everyday, what I’m still allergic to because obviously I’m still constantly reacting to something, and the most likely source is the stuff I’m eating constantly.

So, if we can find out what foods I’m least allergic to, or even not at all, hopefully we can structure some diet so I can actually gain some weight and have enough strength to start getting better.  Since last visit here, I’ve already started trying this liquid diet called Elecare, by Abbot Labs, ticker ABT for all you traders.  It has everything you need in the simplest form so the thinking is I won’t be allergic to pure proteins and vitamins so I can absorb most of the nutrients.  Works great as part of our strategy!  But tastes disgustingly bland like soymilk, and it’s liquid so it goes through me pretty fast and I get hungry!

Well, I think that’s a good update for now!  I’ll try to do more videos as we move along with our plan, and so hopefully y’all can see my progress.  I’m thinking some background music might be good next time too.  Any requests?

Ok, this is Jeff signing off.  Thanks for watching and showing your love!

PICTURES FROM FIRST VISIT (vs. this video of 3rd visit)

Condition of Neck and Shoulders while on Steroids

Condition of my Back on 7/18/08

condition of Left Leg on 7/16/08

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