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October 2nd, 2008 Archive

Congressman, Please Vote “YEA” On the Financial Rescue Bill

Hi Congressman Miller,

Thanks for voting “Yes” on the Financial Rescue Bill for our country on Tuesday, 9/30/08.  Sadly, the majority did not understand the gravity of the situation and voted against the bill.  Please vote “Yes” again tomorrow, despite the revised version having a lot of differences with the original bill.  From what I see here on the ground, and through friends and family doing business throughout the world, the world is falling off a cliff. Not only did we lose 777.68 on the DOW on Tuesday, equal to $1.4Trillion, double the cost of the bill, but the after effects of that loss throughout the economy into our GDP is several times greater.  We need to save our country, our way of life, at any cost.  $850B is a pittance to what we’d lose if we don’t act.  Please deliver my message to the rest of Congress. Thanks

~Jeffrey Lin, Rowland Heights, CA

This is the first time I’ve contacted my Congressman.  I’ll admit, I didn’t even know I had one!  (just kidding, it’s like a bellybutton, everyone has one)  But I don’t know the man’s policies, what he ran on, or what he’s done for my community.  But at this crucial moment in history, bigger than 9/11, Vietnam, or any other event other than WWII in the past century, will the decisions we make at this moment mean so much for us and future generations…the path history will take.  Congressman Miller voted YEA on Tuesdsay, 9/30, and I hope he’ll vote YEA again Tomorrow, Friday, 10/3.  If he does, he’ll have done more good for me and everyone in America than he’ll ever need.  Call your Congressman- make sure they do the same.