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Missing Grandma Lin on Thanksgiving

For our family, Thanksgiving will mean something more than it has in the past.  We did not get to celebrate Thanksgiving last year.  At 10am on Thanksgiving 2007, we got a call from my aunts in Taiwan that my Grandma was in a coma & had little time left.  The main artery in her brainstem had snapped.  My dad rushed to her side that night, catching the first flight out of L.A.  My sister jumped on the first plane she could get out of St. Louis, ditching her classes at Washu, and met up with my mom and I @ LAX airport terminal. We got to Taiwan 2 days after Thanksgiving.

Docs said she was braindead & only sustainable on life support for a few days. We went to the hospital 2x/day to see her lying there.  She didn’t know we were there, and to see the pain and dispair on my aunts’ faces was terrible.  But it was also good to see all our family together in one place.  All our cousins, aunts, uncle, and my grandma’s sister and friends- family I haven’t seen together since those carefree childhood times.

I was still very sick @ the time, everyone said i shouldn’t have gone & the pollution in Taiwan was so bad my health got worse the next 6mo.  But still I hobbled 2x a day w/gas mask to hospital to see Grandma. I’m glad I went-no regrets. There are only few important days in life, the rest is just daily routines (the rubbish of life) . Make the important days count- that’s all you really remember in the end.

This year, I’m thankful for being the healthiest I’ve been & suffering less…best gift ever.  So many blessings came my way to make it so. People who I consider angels have come into my life and turned things around for the first time in my life. If you haven’t read my story, here you go: http://flyboysfund.jeffreylin.net/2008/10/22/trading-a-life-my-story-part-1/

Maybe Grandma is watching over me in heaven :)  I’d like to think so. No one loves me more.

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