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August 10th, 2009 Archive

Jeffrey Lin’s Utah Medical Trip Update – 8.9.09

Belated Update from June 1st Utah Medical Trip. New plan/regiment including increased Cyclosporin dosage to 125mg from 100mg, starting Gastrocrom and Epiceram, and UV light treatment soon. Getting help from new doctors now here in SoCal who are working with Dr. Gleich and Dr. Leiferman in Utah. Also, more allergy blood tests done with updated allergic IgE values and some good news ;) Thanks everyone for the love and support. I’m not sure why I’m still alive…and the doctors say the same thing. Doesn’t matter why-just matters that I am alive and hope I can do the best with this life I got back and somehow help those that are still suffering as I did (and am) for 26 yrs…