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Cutest Video Ever!

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Non-Stocks Archive

Obama Admin. Rubbish of the Day: President now says wounded Vets need to pay for their own care

President now says wounded Vets need to pay for their own care: http://bit.ly/xT2RM Seriously. Who did we just elect?

Source: news.yahoo.com
The leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization says he is “deeply disappointed and concerned” after a meeting with President Obama today to discuss a proposal to force …

Me on CNBC Fast Money Optionmonster Largest Tweetup Ever Live NYC

Yes, at the last second, I took down a plane ticket and flew out to NYC on Jetblue’s redeye flight on Thursday night, landing in NYC Friday morning 4:45am for the CNBC Fast Money Optionmonster Largest Tweetup EVER! Why is it the largest tweetup ever you ask? Since we only had about 10 people? Because it’s the first Tweetup synchronized with a global cable show (CNBC’s Fast Money) at 5:00pm Eastern on 3/6/09.

Met a ton of my “twitter” trader friends at tweetup, including @TraderAlamo (Vincent Bagnato- My partner for FINZ.tv), @CoffeyGrinds (Andrew Coffey), @OptionMonster (Jon Najarian) @BullishBeauty (Carolyn Lloyd-Ferguson), @Barrieabalard, @ShaneDrozdowski, @Ferrari321 (Kevin Cheng), @theTrading (Dave Johnson), and @Millionare007 (John), @Alf2126 (Amanda) whose step-dad @jaycoje (Jason) called from Vegas for her to come down to Time Square and get him a Po-Baby (mortgage crash formula) Tshirt.


Lots more videos and tweetup stories as well as stuff from Invest Like a Monster conference on Saturday 3/7/09! so stay tuned here and on FINZ.tv!

Here’s the uncensored version of Largest Tweetup Ever video by @Coffeygrinds (Andrew Coffey)! Thanks Andrew! Love it!


Street team covering the NYC Tea Party. couldn’t wait for Rick Santelli

Cut our first street interviews video for FINZ.tv this week!  Trying to branch out with various types of trading, markets, and economic related videos so here’s our first attempt at getting out there and taking the pulse of the public for some opinions away from the trading desk. Because as we all should know, opinions and emotions should be kept out of trading since the market is always right.  But alas, we are still people, with thoughts, and citizens of this great country and should/do care about the way our country is run.  I mean, we ARE a democracy, aren’t we? (though that definition seems to be fading by the day). So check out the video… Street Team: Coverage-Chicago Tea Party with Rick Santelli? How about a NYC Tea Party.

P.s. thanks to NYC Tea Party Kellen Guida (@parcbench on twitter) as well as interviews with rally attendees Elizabeth Yannone and Steven E. Eiselen.

Oh, and, spur of the moment, I decided to head out to NYC tonight! Taking the redeye out of Long Beach airport, getting to NYC friday morning so I could be at the CNBC Fast Money/Optionmonster Tweetup for the Friday broadcast of Fast Money at the NASDAQ market site in Times Square.  Please email me or message me on twitter if you’re free and in the NYC area!  I’ll be in NYC Friday till Sunday and would love to get together.

And if you have any questions for the Fast Money traders, or any ideas for videos we could do for FINZ, let me know too! Even if you can’t be there, we’ll try to get stuff across for ya!

Whew! Made it to 3rd week of FINZ.tv videos-Interviewing David Aferiat of Trade-Ideas.com at Macellera in Manhattan

After two crazy weeks, both in the markets and with me and Alamo trying to start up FINZ.tv, we’ve successfully kicked off the 3rd week of FINZ.tv! With ridiculous technology problems the first week when Vincent (@traderAlamo on twitter) tried to launch the show on his trip to Paris

then the cocky idea we could do 3 shows all last Sunday,

ETF in 60 UPDATE: Rewind the tape on SRS (ProShares Ultrashort Real Estate ETF) Trade

Multiplicity Ep.1: Whiffing Potash (POT) fertilizer for 10-mins, 30-mins, a whole day?

Trendlines Ep.1: Can China FXI (iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index) Hold the Line against Evil Nemesis FXP

we thought we’d slow it down and focus on making a clean, high quality video for the 3rd week.

Having done technical analysis shows for the first two weeks, we’re starting to branch out to different type of shows as was our original plan for a “network” for FINZ.tv. So here it is! The first interview held for FINZ.tv, with our guest David Aferiat (@tradeideas on twitter) of Trade-Ideas.com. Actually shot this last Sunday, February 22nd 2009, yes-the same Sunday we tried to put out 3 shows which we did, only 6 hours too late when all the traders on the East Coast were sleeping already. (for interview transcript and pictures, visit the episode page)

Please stop by FINZ.tv this week.  We filmed our first “special” this weekend out in the streets of New York and should have that video out Monday or Tuesday.  As always, we’ll continue putting out trading opportunity webisodes.  Did y’all see how dead on we were with our first few videos?  Not to mention our FINZ.tv POSSE Traders Journal doesn’t seem to have a miss trade yet!  Almost sounds cocky huh?  It’s not that. It’s more like…I’m amazed how professional and detailed our traders/bloggers are so even in this nuttiest of markets we still got a good handle on how to trade it.

Most importantly, we’ll be at the OptionMonster/Fast Money tweetup and event for Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Guy Adami’s “Invest Like a Monster” seminar.  The tweetup is this Friday outside the NASDAQ market site in Times Square during the Fast Money broadcast at 5pm, so come out and join us if you can!  Contact Andrew Coffey (@coffeygrinds on Twitter) for tweetup info.  The seminar is Saturday.

CNBC’s Rick Santelli leads the trader mortgage revolt. Join his “Chicago Tea Party?”

n68704930659_3935 Vote “YES” on this CNBC poll: http://www.cnbc.com/id/29283701

Then sign up for the Tea Party on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=68704930659&ref=mf

I’ll be going to the Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party- Will you? Hit me up on twitter if you are!  We owe it to our fellow citizens.

Don’t do it Timmy Geithner! Don’t do it!

If our largest debt holder (China) is concerned with our country’s solvency, how concerned should we be? (Bloomberg: China Needs U.S. Guarantees for Treasury Bond Holdings, Yu Says)  Yes the financial crisis has carried on for a while, we’ve heard speech after speech and testimony after testimony by Bernanke and Paulson. And everytime someone opened their mouth, the market got nuked.  But today’s market implosion before Timmy Geithner even got up to the stand felt just a notch more pessimistic.  The chatter. The fact even the media didn’t try (or finally couldn’t) help Geithner come up with a “hopeful” scenario and try to cheerlead the market higher.  LiBOR (London Interbank Offered Rates) ticked higher, showing more fear and the continued seizure of the credit markets.  Even if credit markets thawed a bit, less and less people have the means to buy a home.  Heck, even those renting might have to move back home if they continue to struggle finding a job.  I appreciate the Pres. Obie and Timmy G. trying a PR “change” and telling the truth about how bad it is (vs. the Bush/Paulson team of saying, just give us more money and we’ll fix it).  Telling how bad it is is one thing, but leaders show fear and say upfront that they don’t know what they’re doing is not the honesty we need. It’s time to show some real leadership Obie. It’s not a campaign anymore.  This is for real.  The world, not just our country, is collapsing.  Obie and Timmy G.:  either step up or, if you don’t think you have all the skills to handle it, step down. No one will think less of you for it. It’s too big of a task for any one man.  Don’t let pride (not being able to admit it’s too tough for you and that someone else may do better) be the reason the world implodes…and we’re imploding.  Still being concerned with the sideshow of corporate Jets and remodeled offices tells me you DON’T know how bad it is out there.  With unemployment this high and problems piling up everyday, social unrest about to rear it’s ugly head.  Corporate jets and remodeled bathrooms will be the last thing you’d think of by then.

p.s. like I said on twitter, round up a bunch of people like the Manhattan Project for the A-Bomb, and throw these people in the desert till they figure out a plan.

**FINZ.tv Trading Media & Entertainment, the new site I’m producing with my partner TraderAlamo, will launch videos this sunday.  Until then, read our “POSSE Traders Journal” blog along with other FINZ.tv POSSE: BHBGroupTrader, Chris Nelder, Daytrend, James Falvo, Jeffrey McLarty, Alamo, and Myself. **

And thanks to my trading mentor and friend Quint for this video when the trading days get to wild. Only trading nerds would’ve known about this video fo’ sho:

Selling Girls in China to Adopting Parents. What’s it worth? My Perspective

If people missed out on this offshoot conversation coming from this article via twitter.. a review:

ryamada @JeffreyLin More seriously, I do know a Cornell econ prof that wants to look at the arbitrage market for adoptions of young girls from Asia

JeffreyLin @ryamada arbitrage in terms of…money? any life here is better than a life there almost definitely

ryamada @JeffreyLin Question: if life (especially as a girl in China) is so cheap, why does it remain so expensive for American parents to adopt?

ryamada @JeffreyLin Presumably there are factors (norms, politics) that prevent the “market” from efficiently eliminating the arbitrage opportunity


I believe you have to cast aside your analytical mind and wear the shoes of a compassionate person. i can not look at this from a monetary/politics/ or even a social standpoint. you have to go smaller. its about people. no, the person. imagine ur a parent. how desperate would you have to be, if you loved your child, to have to sell that child? you would most likely be in a lot of debt, a druggie, or barely able to support yourself. as your kid came along, you cannot support them. either you sell the child or you both die. so, its not just about “how much it would cost to feed/raise that child.” you’d want enough money to feed yourself for a while, to get by, and thankful someone else can give your kid a better life.

the adopting parents are willing to pay, able to pay, and compassionate enough to pay. after all, your giving money to the parent of your adopted child.

with that said, these emotions probably ring louder for me because “selling young girls” have been a big part of chinese culture and history going far far back. There have been women I know, related to, and/or heard in stories that were sold when they were girls. They were girls whos parents were too poor to even feed themselves and the hardest decision was to sell the girl just to live another day. Unless you’re psycho, and i know some are, it is not normal and not easy for a parent to give up their child. And even if it seemed that way when they gave them up, they might’ve been too young, but regret it later and want to find the child again. (too much lifetime tv, television for women). Many chinese girls, all throughout history, were sold as maids to wealthy families. The social gaps were just too great. The poor, farmers or whatnot, could barely have enough for themselves, and the landlords could live on their riches forever.

Another case is when girls were sold for money so the son could have a proper wedding. Again though, it is because a lot of people were so poor, but also because of the traditional importance of the male “namebearer” in the family, when time came where the family needed a big chunk of money, the only option was to sell the daughter.

This isn’t just a Chinese historical culture thing or with girls. A similar story was told in the movie “A Knight’s Tale” where Heath Leger’s character was sold to a knight when he was a young boy.

so why do people do something that seems overpriced, or irrational? things like this i don’t believe is about the money. you could observed this in ancient china or today, the amount of money paid for the girls would be different, the form of money is even different, but what stays the same is how the parents, adopting parents, and the adopted child feels. there is no “logical” price on love and human connections. that is why parents, when their kids have been kidnapped, would give up everything and take on debt or do just about anything to have their child back safely. you can work to get back money, even if u have to work in McDonalds or scrub toilets, but u can’t revive a person.

Missing Grandma Lin on Thanksgiving

For our family, Thanksgiving will mean something more than it has in the past.  We did not get to celebrate Thanksgiving last year.  At 10am on Thanksgiving 2007, we got a call from my aunts in Taiwan that my Grandma was in a coma & had little time left.  The main artery in her brainstem had snapped.  My dad rushed to her side that night, catching the first flight out of L.A.  My sister jumped on the first plane she could get out of St. Louis, ditching her classes at Washu, and met up with my mom and I @ LAX airport terminal. We got to Taiwan 2 days after Thanksgiving.

Docs said she was braindead & only sustainable on life support for a few days. We went to the hospital 2x/day to see her lying there.  She didn’t know we were there, and to see the pain and dispair on my aunts’ faces was terrible.  But it was also good to see all our family together in one place.  All our cousins, aunts, uncle, and my grandma’s sister and friends- family I haven’t seen together since those carefree childhood times.

I was still very sick @ the time, everyone said i shouldn’t have gone & the pollution in Taiwan was so bad my health got worse the next 6mo.  But still I hobbled 2x a day w/gas mask to hospital to see Grandma. I’m glad I went-no regrets. There are only few important days in life, the rest is just daily routines (the rubbish of life) . Make the important days count- that’s all you really remember in the end.

This year, I’m thankful for being the healthiest I’ve been & suffering less…best gift ever.  So many blessings came my way to make it so. People who I consider angels have come into my life and turned things around for the first time in my life. If you haven’t read my story, here you go: http://flyboysfund.jeffreylin.net/2008/10/22/trading-a-life-my-story-part-1/

Maybe Grandma is watching over me in heaven :)  I’d like to think so. No one loves me more.

Jeremy Grantham – “Stocks reasonably cheap, not spectacularly cheap” – 20% long exposure, no need to rush

A television exclusive with one of the most successful investors in modern times. For years, legendary value investor Jeremy Grantham has been the Cassandra of the investment community with warnings of financial and market disaster. …

“Trading a Life” – My Story (Part 2)

If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know I’ve been very sick the last few years, confined to my home, and learned to trade because of it. When I heard James “Rev Shark” DePorre’s story of learning to trade after going deaf, losing his job, and his wife, I could relate (except the wife part). But other than his hearing, I guess Rev’s health was ok. Mine’s not. Here’s my story. I wrote this for a trader friend of mine. However, it seemed fitting to post it here today, on my birthday, as I reflect on all that has transpired.

2007 was a much better year. My health was still a roller coaster and there were countless days I held on for dear life. However, things started to happen that made me feel more alive and mentally stronger. Mental health is more important than anything. A person in the worst circumstances can be happy, while someone with everything can be depressed.

I needed human interaction, even if only online. So, overestimating my improvements, I started the Systems Architecting and Engineering M.S. program at USC with just one online course. I still hoped to do engineering someday. If I could do night trading, I could surely handle one course right? I quickly gave up on this nonsense. I didn’t have the energy to keep up with the class schedule. Besides, the class was for managers much older than me. The markets were much friendlier to my chaotic lifestyle. I worked when I could, as much as I could, and simply rested when I felt terrible.

Luckily, even without middle-aged USC classmates, I didn’t go back to solitary confinement. An acquaintance in Utah, with whom I’d traded a few emails, kept me company. Other than my parents and occasional IMs with two buddies from college, this was the first person I’d talk to in over a year. Unlike my “friends” on TV, here was someone who responded and cared I existed. Day by day, the online chats and phone calls nursed away some depression. She didn’t mind I that couldn’t talk much at first. I slowly learned to control my mouth and form coherent phrases again. Through her stories, I felt more connected with the world. Our conversations helped me remember myself. My interests, ideals, humor, and creativity: parts of me that used to light up my life even when I was sick. I’m forever grateful she stayed with me on the phone everyday, and became my closest friend through it all.

Neither my mental or physical health turned around on a dime. Stories always jump to turning points, making things seem easy. If thing’s don’t come easily for people, one after another, they think something’s wrong. It’s not. Everything’s a process that takes shape over time.

Slowly, I became more proactive in my life as best I could. I turned my unfinished USC research paper on Akamai Technologies into my first stock analysis article, explaining complex technologies in layman terms. A lot of work went into the research paper. Why not make it useful? I submitted it to SeekingAlpha.com. The editors liked it enough to ask me to be a contributing author. What a fantastic confidence boost, especially for my first submission! This motivated me to write more. I felt my technical background gave me a firmer grasp of a company’s technology and opportunities than many analysts.

Did I find my niche? To explain to people a company’s technology and the company’s potential because of it? What a useful place my engineering degree proved to be in this new, unexpected “job”! It seemed like the best of both worlds. I launched a stock blog, Flyboys Fund, and wrote about technical topics such as technology and aerospace & defense. I found myself drawn more to global growth topics like construction, oil drilling, and the power grid. I actually enjoyed these companies’ conference calls because this was my comfort zone.

I was always uncomfortable owning stocks, like biotech, whose business confused me. These stocks were in my portfolio because they say you should have a little of everything to be “diversified.” No more. My portfolio had a facelift. I punted these stocks and replaced them with stocks I wrote about on my blog, the stocks I’ve knew. I didn’t have to spread my attention across tons of industries anymore. I concentrated on a few stocks, knowing them inside and out, selling when my analysis said the price was too high or buying when I felt the price was too low. I always kept extra cash for safety.

This is the general plan I’ve stuck with since then, though I’m constantly experimenting with new strategies such as options and technical trading. I figured, since the markets keep changing, I should be like a ninja: the more skills and tools I master, the better I can adapt. The airing of Fast Money in 2007 proved to be a godsend, teaching me to process news faster and take more decisive action. Thanks to Jeff Macke, I even went on the show via webcam.

My portfolio ended 2007 up nicely. Sure, global growth stocks like the ones I owned were stellar in 2007. How could I not make money? Why didn’t I make more? It doesn’t matter. What mattered was the markets started making sense to me, I felt I could succeed in the markets, and above all, I was a little healthier than I was in 2006.

Being tested by this death of a market in 2008, apparently I did learn a lot, or enough to not lose my pants. While the markets kept getting worse all year, my life has gotten better. Blogging helped me reach out to the world through the Internet. Many people have contacted me through my blog, including traders whom I’ve become great friends with.

In June, thanks to my friend’s dad, I visited the University of Utah Medical Center. For the first time in my 25 years, I found doctors who had dealt with conditions as severe as mine. Finally! The confidence in the doctors was well placed. Within a few weeks my skin cleared considerably. After 10 years, I can touch water again and even bathe now as part of the treatment.

Is everything peachy now? No. I have a long road ahead. The doctors are just getting their arms around the situation. Tests show my IgE allergy protein level at 18,000 (75-200 is normal), meaning I react hundreds of times more intensely to everything. We haven’t found a food I’m not allergic to, so I’m surviving on a prescription liquid diet. But I’m no longer in pain. I can go out, even went to New York for the Merrill Lynch Power & Gas Leaders Conference in September. I can look forward to tomorrow. It’s not dark anymore.

** Dedicated to my grandma, who passed away last November and couldn’t see me get well. She loved me as much as she could, maybe more. I miss her very much. **

** Thanks to all my angels: my parents, sister, family, friends, and doctors. I’m forever in your debt. **


Videos Tracking My Health Developments