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Cutest Video Ever!

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Design & Marketing Archive

Whew! Made it to 3rd week of FINZ.tv videos-Interviewing David Aferiat of Trade-Ideas.com at Macellera in Manhattan

After two crazy weeks, both in the markets and with me and Alamo trying to start up FINZ.tv, we’ve successfully kicked off the 3rd week of FINZ.tv! With ridiculous technology problems the first week when Vincent (@traderAlamo on twitter) tried to launch the show on his trip to Paris

then the cocky idea we could do 3 shows all last Sunday,

ETF in 60 UPDATE: Rewind the tape on SRS (ProShares Ultrashort Real Estate ETF) Trade

Multiplicity Ep.1: Whiffing Potash (POT) fertilizer for 10-mins, 30-mins, a whole day?

Trendlines Ep.1: Can China FXI (iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index) Hold the Line against Evil Nemesis FXP

we thought we’d slow it down and focus on making a clean, high quality video for the 3rd week.

Having done technical analysis shows for the first two weeks, we’re starting to branch out to different type of shows as was our original plan for a “network” for FINZ.tv. So here it is! The first interview held for FINZ.tv, with our guest David Aferiat (@tradeideas on twitter) of Trade-Ideas.com. Actually shot this last Sunday, February 22nd 2009, yes-the same Sunday we tried to put out 3 shows which we did, only 6 hours too late when all the traders on the East Coast were sleeping already. (for interview transcript and pictures, visit the episode page)

Please stop by FINZ.tv this week.  We filmed our first “special” this weekend out in the streets of New York and should have that video out Monday or Tuesday.  As always, we’ll continue putting out trading opportunity webisodes.  Did y’all see how dead on we were with our first few videos?  Not to mention our FINZ.tv POSSE Traders Journal doesn’t seem to have a miss trade yet!  Almost sounds cocky huh?  It’s not that. It’s more like…I’m amazed how professional and detailed our traders/bloggers are so even in this nuttiest of markets we still got a good handle on how to trade it.

Most importantly, we’ll be at the OptionMonster/Fast Money tweetup and event for Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Guy Adami’s “Invest Like a Monster” seminar.  The tweetup is this Friday outside the NASDAQ market site in Times Square during the Fast Money broadcast at 5pm, so come out and join us if you can!  Contact Andrew Coffey (@coffeygrinds on Twitter) for tweetup info.  The seminar is Saturday.

JuliaBachison.com Debut! – New Project by Julia Bachison and Jeffrey Lin

JuliaBachison.com preview thumbnail

Last month, Julia and I began working on a website for her: JuliaBachison.com. Among other things, you’ll find a portfolio of things Julia’s done, from pictures of her Miss Utah tour to TV she’s doing right now. You’ll also find updates on her various projects as well as get to know her on her blog. JuliaBachison.com. Please go, get to know Julia, and leave some comments to show some love! This is also my first big website project (that I completed!) so we’ll definitely look forward to your comments on improvements and stuff we can add. I hope you’ll bookmark Julia’s site and show as much interest for her site as you have for mine.

**I know this is another off-topic post, but this is an important post for me, Jeffrey…and I hope (at least some of you) would like to know more about me than just the stocks I write about. If you only care about my stock thoughts, then you should know working on JuliaBachison.com is why I haven’t been writing much here! And yes, Julia is a big part of the motivation and inspiration for my successful trading and analysis this year, so there’s nothing for you to complain about!**

Facebook (with feeds) is now Stalkbook

It’s true! Now you instantly know what everyone and their mom is doing on Facebook! Obviously this was a big mistake (even the WSJ knows) on Facebook‘s part, but why did it take actually implementing the news feed system and the big backlash of complaints for Facebook to realize it and make the change? Maybe its ambition (to make Facebook better), greed (to attract advertisers and somehow monetize the damn thing), or likely both. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Review: Invincible


The Walt Disney Company (Quote: DIS) scores another hit with Invincible. I strongly recommend watching this inspirational movie for anyone and everyone, although I was the only one in the theater under 60 when I saw it yesterday (maybe because it was the noon showing on a weekday). I did not know Vince Papale’s amazing story going into the movie, that and the fact that it was a true story made the unfolding of events exciting and moving. Read the rest of this entry »

Series: How to be an Ass Pt. 2

No one is better at being an ass than my good friend Ko Ihara (that’s why he’s my good friend…duh. We think alike). I’m pasting one of the posts from his blog. This is a case study…and is just genius and very Ko if I do say so myself. Read what he does and learn. Read the rest of this entry »

Erin Cahill

Here’s an actress that’s new to me that I’m definitely going to keep tabs on: ERIN CAHILL.


Erin is such a breath of fresh air! Sure, the first thing you might notice are her stunning good looks, which the FHM also noticed in its May 2006 issue. What I like about Erin, though, is her down-to-earth attitude and appearance as opposed to the Lindsay Lohan flaunt-everything-in-your-face hollywood style (although I stil think Lindsay Lohan has a beautiful face…just not a beautiful person). Erin is awesome in the new Fox comedy Free Ride, which you should all try to watch next time you get a chance. Read the rest of this entry »

Once you go Jack (Bauer), you can’t go back…

What am I talking about? The Keifer and the Fox show 24 of course! [Incidentally, my two other favorite characters on my two other favorite shows are named Jack (A.D.A. Jack McCoy on Law and Order, and Jack O'Neill (born Richard Dean Anderson, but better known as MacGyver) on Stargate SG-1] Now if you’ve seen 24 and live in the real world (not some peachy keen princessland), you know its the perfect show. The only problem with having watched the best show ever put on television (doing 3 seasons in less than 2 months, averaging 4 episodes per day) is it makes all the other shows VERY VERY SNORINGLY boring. With only 24 episodes a year, the withdrawal symptoms are bad, and nothing can really satisfy that 24 fix like a 24 marathon (not even watching a new episode of season 5 each week). Read the rest of this entry »

Julia Marie Bachison – The Perfect Girl? *Edit*

UPDATE: Julia now has her own website. Read about it here.

Thanks Mrs. Bachison (Miss Utah‘s Mom) for visiting this site!

If the position is still open, I�m self-proclaiming to be Miss Bachison‘s #1 fan. Apparently, not everyone shares my view. Otherwise, Miss Bachison would be Miss America 2006�and every guy in America would be fighting for her attention. When I first saw her on the Miss America show on CMT, I just thought she was the most beautiful girl I�d ever seen (see previous post).


I was inspired to find out more about Miss Utah. Sure, there are a lot of girls out there (about 50% of the population?), and some of them are beautiful. However, having read the stories and news articles about Miss Bachison, her amazing character is what sets her apart from all the other beautiful girls and what makes her, at least in my opinion, the perfect girl. Here’s why� Read the rest of this entry »

WOW!!! Miss Utah Julia Marie Bachison

UPDATE: Julia now has her own website. Read about it here.


Introducing Miss Utah Julia Marie Bachison! I’m going to go out on a limb and say she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Yes, it�s a big claim, but just take a look for yourself. Here’s Miss Utah Julia Bachison winning the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit in a two-piece gray and white Speedo swimsuit with green piping. I know not everyone agrees with me, but apparently the judges did on this night of preliminary competition.

Here’s her official Miss America profile:

Read the rest of this entry »

Series: How to be an Ass Pt. 1

My friend was complaining that my true personality isn’t coming through my journal entries. If you ask people who know me, they would probably list “he’s an ass” as one of my top “attributes.” Careful, do not confuse being an ass with being a jerk. A jerk is simply mean. An ass, on the other hand, has uniquely tasteful humor expressed in a sarcastically teasing manner. Read the rest of this entry »