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Funny Archive

This is the training I need to get ready for the markets everyday

Starting Young in Stocks

This little 2yr old knows what it’s all about- MAKING MONEY! That’s why I watch and listen to Jim Cramer, and you should too. I’ll post updates of the trades I made this week…and there were quite a few trades. For now, watch this video and check out the headlines out of Jim Cramer’sTheStreet.Com on the right column.

Series: How to be an Ass Pt. 2

No one is better at being an ass than my good friend Ko Ihara (that’s why he’s my good friend…duh. We think alike). I’m pasting one of the posts from his blog. This is a case study…and is just genius and very Ko if I do say so myself. Read what he does and learn. Read the rest of this entry »

Series: How to be an Ass Pt. 1

My friend was complaining that my true personality isn’t coming through my journal entries. If you ask people who know me, they would probably list “he’s an ass” as one of my top “attributes.” Careful, do not confuse being an ass with being a jerk. A jerk is simply mean. An ass, on the other hand, has uniquely tasteful humor expressed in a sarcastically teasing manner. Read the rest of this entry »