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Cutest Video Ever!

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Ideas & Philosophy Archive

Street team covering the NYC Tea Party. couldn’t wait for Rick Santelli

Cut our first street interviews video for FINZ.tv this week!  Trying to branch out with various types of trading, markets, and economic related videos so here’s our first attempt at getting out there and taking the pulse of the public for some opinions away from the trading desk. Because as we all should know, opinions and emotions should be kept out of trading since the market is always right.  But alas, we are still people, with thoughts, and citizens of this great country and should/do care about the way our country is run.  I mean, we ARE a democracy, aren’t we? (though that definition seems to be fading by the day). So check out the video… Street Team: Coverage-Chicago Tea Party with Rick Santelli? How about a NYC Tea Party.

P.s. thanks to NYC Tea Party Kellen Guida (@parcbench on twitter) as well as interviews with rally attendees Elizabeth Yannone and Steven E. Eiselen.

Oh, and, spur of the moment, I decided to head out to NYC tonight! Taking the redeye out of Long Beach airport, getting to NYC friday morning so I could be at the CNBC Fast Money/Optionmonster Tweetup for the Friday broadcast of Fast Money at the NASDAQ market site in Times Square.  Please email me or message me on twitter if you’re free and in the NYC area!  I’ll be in NYC Friday till Sunday and would love to get together.

And if you have any questions for the Fast Money traders, or any ideas for videos we could do for FINZ, let me know too! Even if you can’t be there, we’ll try to get stuff across for ya!

Selling Girls in China to Adopting Parents. What’s it worth? My Perspective

If people missed out on this offshoot conversation coming from this article via twitter.. a review:

ryamada @JeffreyLin More seriously, I do know a Cornell econ prof that wants to look at the arbitrage market for adoptions of young girls from Asia

JeffreyLin @ryamada arbitrage in terms of…money? any life here is better than a life there almost definitely

ryamada @JeffreyLin Question: if life (especially as a girl in China) is so cheap, why does it remain so expensive for American parents to adopt?

ryamada @JeffreyLin Presumably there are factors (norms, politics) that prevent the “market” from efficiently eliminating the arbitrage opportunity


I believe you have to cast aside your analytical mind and wear the shoes of a compassionate person. i can not look at this from a monetary/politics/ or even a social standpoint. you have to go smaller. its about people. no, the person. imagine ur a parent. how desperate would you have to be, if you loved your child, to have to sell that child? you would most likely be in a lot of debt, a druggie, or barely able to support yourself. as your kid came along, you cannot support them. either you sell the child or you both die. so, its not just about “how much it would cost to feed/raise that child.” you’d want enough money to feed yourself for a while, to get by, and thankful someone else can give your kid a better life.

the adopting parents are willing to pay, able to pay, and compassionate enough to pay. after all, your giving money to the parent of your adopted child.

with that said, these emotions probably ring louder for me because “selling young girls” have been a big part of chinese culture and history going far far back. There have been women I know, related to, and/or heard in stories that were sold when they were girls. They were girls whos parents were too poor to even feed themselves and the hardest decision was to sell the girl just to live another day. Unless you’re psycho, and i know some are, it is not normal and not easy for a parent to give up their child. And even if it seemed that way when they gave them up, they might’ve been too young, but regret it later and want to find the child again. (too much lifetime tv, television for women). Many chinese girls, all throughout history, were sold as maids to wealthy families. The social gaps were just too great. The poor, farmers or whatnot, could barely have enough for themselves, and the landlords could live on their riches forever.

Another case is when girls were sold for money so the son could have a proper wedding. Again though, it is because a lot of people were so poor, but also because of the traditional importance of the male “namebearer” in the family, when time came where the family needed a big chunk of money, the only option was to sell the daughter.

This isn’t just a Chinese historical culture thing or with girls. A similar story was told in the movie “A Knight’s Tale” where Heath Leger’s character was sold to a knight when he was a young boy.

so why do people do something that seems overpriced, or irrational? things like this i don’t believe is about the money. you could observed this in ancient china or today, the amount of money paid for the girls would be different, the form of money is even different, but what stays the same is how the parents, adopting parents, and the adopted child feels. there is no “logical” price on love and human connections. that is why parents, when their kids have been kidnapped, would give up everything and take on debt or do just about anything to have their child back safely. you can work to get back money, even if u have to work in McDonalds or scrub toilets, but u can’t revive a person.

Military and War Junkie

Am I a military and war junkie? Probably. (my favorite TV shows include WWII documentaries on the History Channel, Stargate SG-1, Jack Bauer and 24, the movie Black Hawk Down, and the HBO series Band of Brothers.) Yes, I’m a guy, so the action and explosions gives me cheap thrills. Deep down (yes, there’s depth to Jeff), its about the truth of human nature, life, and being extra-human or superhuman. Only in extreme situations are people transformed, rather than just grow and mature from the routines of daily life. Growing and maturing are just steps, but transformations are leaps towards the great and powerful beings people can potentially be. Read the rest of this entry »

Julia Marie Bachison – The Perfect Girl? *Edit*

UPDATE: Julia now has her own website. Read about it here.

Thanks Mrs. Bachison (Miss Utah‘s Mom) for visiting this site!

If the position is still open, I�m self-proclaiming to be Miss Bachison‘s #1 fan. Apparently, not everyone shares my view. Otherwise, Miss Bachison would be Miss America 2006�and every guy in America would be fighting for her attention. When I first saw her on the Miss America show on CMT, I just thought she was the most beautiful girl I�d ever seen (see previous post).


I was inspired to find out more about Miss Utah. Sure, there are a lot of girls out there (about 50% of the population?), and some of them are beautiful. However, having read the stories and news articles about Miss Bachison, her amazing character is what sets her apart from all the other beautiful girls and what makes her, at least in my opinion, the perfect girl. Here’s why� Read the rest of this entry »

Birthdays and the number 23

Last Saturday I turned 23, so this post is a few days late. I didn’t have a party, cake, or celebration of any kind. It’s not that I’m a bore, it just that as I’ve gotten older the excitement of celebrating birthdays or holidays or any kind of celebration just seems unnecessary. I suppose when you’re young you celebrate because you made it through another year, which given my health condition, I should still be celebrating for this reason. Then, when you’re very old, you celebrate because you’re still alive, or your family celebrates for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Resetting the Mental State

While people are buried deep within the workload, they grumble and complain like normal, lazy people should but they keep chugging along with a constant motivation and purpose. At the end, somehow seeing the light at the end of the tunnel weakens this drive rather than provide that extra push to make it to the finish line. If people could reset their emotions, emotions of the sacrifices made and the hardships suffered, I believe people could accomplish much more and do so in a better mood. Read the rest of this entry »

“I want to make my own mistakes”

So, from talking to a lot of my peers, it seems college students are still in the teenage rebellious stage of not taking their parents’ advice and wanting to take the world headon on their own. I guess it is important to get in the thick of things and to get your hands dirty before you can call yourself an adult. However, I believe it is one thing to rebel in order to gain life experience and another thing to rebel in order to feel grown up. Read the rest of this entry »

Living Among People

A few posts ago, I wrote Living with Yourself, a post about the importance of having solitary times just to yourself. This post about the importance of having relationships with people, then, is a compliment to Living with Yourself. My Art History instructor last summer at Fullerton College, although talked to much and was kind of annoying, had this great phrase- “what is your story?” This idea being a true interest in what makes the person you’re conversing with unique. What’s their views on things, what makes them excited and why, etc. You look across a crowd, you see a sea of people- hard to identify the individualities. Yet everyone is an individual and have very unique views of the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeff’s “Hot or Not” Rules

These rules are quick and dirty simple checks one can make when you’re kinky, drunk, or both and not quite sure if you want to hit it: Loser-sign rule, make-up danger, true beauty, cute or hot?, Stone’s advice, and age image. Read the rest of this entry »

Living with Yourself

What life really comes down to is an individual journey. No matter how much you can depend on your friends and family, no matter how many times your parents have saved your ass, no matter how much time you’ve spent with other people, you are a single entity- no more no less. Read the rest of this entry »