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RESUME: Publications Projects Coursework

I’ve been confined to my house since January 2006 because of severe skin and other allergies. I’ve resorted to stock trading and blogging to stay involved with the outside world and feeling alive. Yes, my medical condition had always been extreme but not this bad. When I graduated in December 2005 from Harvey Mudd (now #1 Engineering Specialty College…woohoo!) with an Engineering & Mathematical Economics double major, I had more ambitious plans. Instead, I’ve made money management, market analysis, and trading into something I really love. I feel I’m still in the engineering field when I analyze the science and technology behind many public companies, and figuring out how to trade the stocks. My main interest is dynamics engineering, but I’ve also worked on a variety of projects from medical device design to aerospace component testing and design (refer to resume below). My experience with software programming and the internet is less direct, having picked up web programming and design in the 8th grade (1997) and been doing it ever since. On this blog, I hope to use my engineering background to analyze industrial stocks such as engineering & construction, oil service, machinery, and mining as well as stocks in technology.


Publications Projects Coursework

  • US Patent Application:
    SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HEMORRHAGE CONTROL AND/OR TISSUE REPAIR (Co-inventors: Dr. Kenton W. Gregory, MD., Paul F. Bente IV, Heather Margaret Bryan, Jeffrey Yihyuan Lin, Aileen Nuguid, Daniel Allen Pederson.)


  • Honeywell. Fall 2005 to Spring 2006. Clinic project to investigate the unusual dynamic response of a large heat exchanger, focus on identifying the cause of high response levels in tie-rods. Four-person team, individual focus on experimental testing and finite element analysis with ABAQUS and ANSYS software.
  • Space Systems/Loral. Spring 2005. Clinic project to show that energy absorption can be incorporated into the TT&C antenna bracket assembly to reduce the dynamic response levels. Five-person team, individual focus on prototype design and finite element analysis with ABAQUS software.
  • Oregon Medical Laser Center. Spring 2004. Clinic project to design a deployment device for a chitosan bandage using non-invasive endoscopic techniques. This device treats patients with bleeding esophageal varices. Four-person team, individual focus on prototype design, material selection and production methods.
  • Lockheed Martin, Castle Industries, and Harvey Mudd College. Summer 2005. Assisted Prof. Duron in static and dynamic FEM analysis of a Maritime Patrol Aircraft Equipment Enclosure for Castle Industries and Lockeed Martin. Analysis included stresses, margins of safety for each structural member, attachment bolt failure, separate analysis of each unique joint, and suggestions for modifications.
  • UC Riverside. Summer 2004. Summer internship to design and built a piezoelectric droplet generator to investigate simgle cryogen droplets physical phenomena relevant to spray cooling during skin laser surgery. Assisted Post Docs with characterizating cryogen spray heat transfer on skin.
  • Harvey Mudd College Experimental Engineering Course Final Experiment. Spring 2003. NDE and System Identification of the Indian Hill Freeway Overpass in Claremont. Hammer impact test with computer based data acquisition system to capture transient responses in the overpass. Analyzed response to determine power spectral density, frequency response, coherence, fundamental frequencies, and mode shape.
  • Keck Joint Science Center and Harvey Mudd College. Fall 2003. Study and present recommendations for HVAC energy efficiency in the Keck Joint Sciences building of the Claremont Colleges. Examined current HVAC energy usage and examined potential improvements.
  • Harvey Mudd College Computer Science and Robotics Department. Spring 2002. Retrofitted an old 6-legged actuator robot by removing control logic circuitry with USB interface so that movement can be controlled by computer programming.



Systems Engineering

  • Intro to Systems Engineering
  • Signals/Systems Simulation (classical, digital, nonlinear)
  • Adv. Systems Engineering (continuous/discrete analysis and design, filtering, modulation)
  • Info. & Comm. Theory

Structural/Dynamics/Mechanical Engineering

  • Applied Elasticity
  • Dynamics of Elastic Systems
  • Rigid Body Dynamics (audit only)
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Structural Engineering

Materials/Chemical Engineering

  • Materials Engineering
  • Chemical/Thermal Processes
Computer/Electrical Engineering

  • Electronic/Magnetic Circuits
  • Computer Organization & Design, Hardware/Software interface

Special Topics

  • Civil Engineering: Water Resources
  • Intro Biomedical Engineering

General Engineering

  • Systems Architecture Engineering
  • Experimental Engineering Techniques
  • Design Representation & Realization (CAD modeling, metal/wood machining)
  • Engineering Design & Project Managemen

Math and Science

  • Differential Equations I, II
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Multivariable Calculus I, II
  • Linear Algebra I, II
  • Computer Science (C++)
  • Chemistry & Chemistry Labs
  • Physics (Mechanics, Relativity, Quantum, E&M, E&M lab)
  • Biology

Humanities: 8 Courses


  • Senior Econ. Seminar (paper: Effect of Government Research on Technological Development)
  • Econometrics
  • International Econ.
  • Financial Econ.
  • Macro and Micro Theory
  • Macro and Micro Principles
  • Classic Econ. Thought